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FatBrain’s Outcomes engine has been in stealth development since 2014, hardened through working with several global F50 companies and tailored to the demands of hyper-personal, real-time, millennial data geometries. Focusing on transaction gravity for financial apps in 2017, FatBrain and IBM have partnered on strategic GTM grounded in deep technical collaboration to bundle FatBrain’s Outcomes™ engine with IBM’s Watson, analytics and systems capabilities.

Led by cloud software and advanced AI engineers, the team includes Peter B. Ritz (Board Chair, Observable Networks, acquired by Cisco 3Q17, Vmware MSP Advisory Board as co-founder and president, Xtium, acquired by Evolve IP 3Q16); Rajarshi Das, PhD, Google Scholar (co-founder and chief scientist, Verdande Finance, fundamental research & technical lead IBM Research & Watson in machine learning and AI (reinforcement learning, multi-agent auctions, autonomic computing); Soubir Acharya (co-founder and CTO, Kubisys; product and technical lead SyncSort data protection, acquired by Catalogic Software); Shawn Carey (managing director, Xtium id., co-founder and CTO, iPipeline, acquired by Thoma Bravo); Nasir Hossain (co-founder and devops lead, CloudR Labs, container cloud orchestration, CloudSpurt, Vmware private cloud stack); Phil Culliton (senior AI lead under NSF grant at MultiModel, Numerai; co-lead developer at Battlefront).

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