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Digital Transformation, Innovation and The AI Dialectic

Practical Steps to Embrace Business AI Thinking to Explore and Exploit Millenial Customer Journey


The dawn of general purpose computing foretold an unrequited dream of giving machines intelligence. Partly moved by the notions of intelligence explored through the Turing test, IBM’s S/360 mainframe – a pioneering general-purpose computing platform designed to drive a full range of commercial and scientific apps – demoed examples of nascent artificial intelligence (AI) through handwriting recognition and language translation at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. more



Google's GCP Next Signals Hyperscale AI for the Enterprise

Modern Enterprise Architecture means Software that Learns Business Outcomes.


The FatBrain team participated in Google's GCP Next global annual innovation event in San Francisco earlier this month (link). In case you missed it, here is the Lead Theme of the event, curated by FatBrain's Cognitive Themes engine: "Modern innovation architecture means software that learns business outcomes and improves them over time." more



Smart TV Analytics for Advertisers: Impressions, Expressions and Results

How to make sophisticated ad spend choices for TV in the age of social media.


There is a growing disconnect in modern TV economy. Cord cutting, time shifting, and tens of thousands of content choices are eroding the traditional reach of broadcast TV. Most TV advertisers will make ad spend decisions by guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong. Digital (e.g., Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter/Periscope) has inferior content to professionally produced TV but completes on trifle metrics distortions like page views, downloads and installs. more